Hancocks Meadow Farm is a 50 acre smallholding with fields bordering the river Wye. This land enjoys a history of farming easily traced back to the 17th Century. We are a family team and we try to incorporate sustainability into every thing we do, sourcing local feed, where 100% pasture feed is not possible, to produce an artisan raw ewes milk cheese, ethically reared lamb and whole juice craft cider, all low air mile and exceptional products.



Our flock of milking ewes, run alongside our established flock of Shropshire sheep grazing our own and other long established Herefordshire orchards. As part of our sustainability strategy we keep a number of beehives to help pollinate our orchards and encourage natural habitats along the riverbank. We also keep rare breed Berkshire pigs who enjoy the whey from the cheese making and apple pomace from the cider making to ensure an efficient use for what would otherwise be wasted.



Environmentally friendly farming is important to us and ‘from field to fork’ (or glass) is an ethos that we hope generations to come will continue.



Hancocks Meadow Farm is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development


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